Service Agreement


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THE TOOLBOX, LLC Service Agreement:

We are not responsible for loading or unloading of bikes, etc, nor any injury(ies) or damages that occur during loading or unloading.

Warranty on our work:

We guarantee our workmanship for 30 days from service, applicable to serviced portions of the bike.

Exceptions to this are:

-Modern Chinese-origin scooters and vintage Viet/Indo/Euro-origin Vespa scooters, which are inherently unsafe regardless of quality of service,

-Scooters/Motorcycles formerly in usage as rental scooters, due to the nature of their tough-love prior employ,

-Heavily modified or performance-enhanced bikes, which are less reliable,

-Used parts if sold as “As Is”

-Electrical components under some circumstances.

-Performance upgrades and non-stock custom deviations

-If the repair is only a part of our full recommendation for repair – if we cannot fix it properly, we cannot guarantee that it will hold up.


The nature of motorcycle repair work often allows for discovery of more, or deeper, issues while fulfilling the original service agreement. When this occurs we will update you and await your go-ahead prior to proceeding with newly discovered necessary repairs if their cost will exceed a $100 deviation from original estimations. This subsequently means that there are occasions (generally when you have chosen not to fix/repair identified issue) where we are unable to return to you a well-repaired bike within original estimations.

If we give an estimate and do not contact you with additional issues which arise during servicing we will stick within $100 of our original estimate. This does not apply for guesstimates, although we try to act fairly in considerations.

Circumstances where estimates are just guesstimates:

-Verbal estimates,

-Lengthy or unique services, although we will try to keep you well-updated as the service proceeds,

-Estimates made sight unseen via email or phone – we need to have the bike in front of us to more correctly evaluate its needs.

-For any bike which does not run.

Insurance estimates are as cursory or as in-depth as your prefer, and are billed at the standard labor rate. This also applies to any non-Insurance highly-detailed quotes or estimates if not made in conjunction with actual vehicle servicing.

Provision of parts:

It is not our preference, but if it is your desire you may supply your own parts, including tires. The internet is not something we choose to be in competition with. Out of fairness to both our shop and to our other customers, we charge a higher labor rate and a higher tire mount & balance fee for work associated with installation of supplied parts. No warranty on parts supplied by customer.

Negligent pick-up of bikes:

$30 per day storage fee applied after notification has been made regarding the completion of the repair order. Per day storage fee is applied retroactively back to the date of notification and continues until the actual date of departure. We don’t want to be mean, but we haven’t the space.

Attentions to your bike as far as storage. Our winter storage fee for the entire winter is $200 – $250/winter (bike size dependent).

Be advised: the delay in picking up bikes sometimes result in grumpy bikes that may require more labor to get running again as well as it was when service was completed. Therefore, in order to save yourself storage fees and grumpy-bike/possibly-higher-labor-bill, we advise you to pick your bike up within reasonable time-frames. If you will be vacationing while your bike is in our shop, let us know of your schedule in advance. We will do our best to work with you.


Our shop has no waiting area. We prefer drop-offs, due to the specialized nature and unique quirks of each bike and our preference for the freedom and flexibility to take what time is required to get the job done right without pressure. Motorcycle mechanics is not a field where the best work is done under pressure. This does not mean that we do not aim for fastest turnaround possible or cannot accommodate same- or next-day service as able, just that we don’t like you breathing down our necks while we do your oil change (no offence). We understand if your bike is your commuter bike and, even if it isn’t, we don’t want your bike in our shop any longer than it has to be.

Occasionally, we are able or willing to do while-u-wait service if the repair is expected to be relatively straight-forward. But instead of while-u-wait, Its “U-Gotta-Go,” or “Take-a-Hike…” to the rib crib up the street, picnic table in the parking lot, etc. We will call your cell phone when the service is complete and your bike is ready to go.


We require a deposit equal to the approximate costs of any parts ordered in advance for bikes not in our shop.

Shop minimum:

If a repair order is made for your bike, the minimum shop charge is one-half (1/2) hour of labor rate.


Personal check policy:

Personal check payments for service bills exceeding $500 need to clear before the bike leaves the shop.

Chinese scooter, ATV, sidecar disclaimer –

It sometimes does not make sense to fix your bike when the repairs will exceed the value of the bike. Unfortunately we don’t always know the extent of the work required until we have already put labor into the bike. Our way of handling this is to stop work prior to or when we have hit $100 for the repair order, and well discuss what it’s looking like with you and whether it makes sense to move forward or not with more labor and repairs. Regardless of whether or not we wind up proceeding and fixing the bike, we need to get paid for that $100 we’ve put into it. That is the caveat.

Former rental disclaimer:

Motorcycles formerly used as rentals are often neglected and/or beat-up. We treat them similarly to Chinese scooters and do not offer the same warranty for our work due to the poor service history record we are following.



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